KAPEG says goodbye to EWB placement Brad Schultz and his wife Diana

posted Jan 25, 2011, 6:32 PM by Sahas Bikram Shah   [ updated Jan 25, 2011, 7:20 PM ]

For the last 5 months, Brad and Diana have been living and working in Dhulikhel.  Brad was placed at KAPEG through a project set up jointly by KAPEG and Engineers Without Borders Australia

The original project Brad came to KAPEG to take part in was to assist KAPEG staff with the design and commercialization of some LED lighting products.  The results of this project can be seen on KAPEG's LED Product page.  In addition to this, Brad contributed in many other ways including setting up this website for KAPEG, contributing to the IT workings of KAPEG, developing an energy audit process for KAPEG and trialing this at a local hotel, conducting research on the use of super capacitors as energy storage for remote wind energy systems and presenting this at the International workshop run by KAPEG and generally assisting with KAPEG's other projects and its day to day operation and management.

Brad plans to have continued involvement with KAPEG and Nepal in the future through remotely supporting the further development, marketing and selling of the LED lighting products as well as working on other projects.

Diana made contributions to KAPEG through her graphic design skills and her valued assistance at the International workshop in Pokhara.  She also spent time helping out at a local orphanage as well continuing her studies in Graphic Design.

Brad made these comments about their experience:

"Living and working in Nepal has been an amazing experience for Diana and myself.  Our 5 months here have flown by so quickly, yet we feel like we have now seen and experienced so much in this part of the world - while hopefully managing to make a positive contribution to it.  We would like to thank the KAPEG team for welcoming us into their lives and look forward to continuing to remain part of the KAPEG team, even though we will be in Australia."

Having Brad and Diana as part of the KAPEG team has been valuable for KAPEG and it's staff.  KAPEG would like to thank Brad and Diana for their efforts, as well as EWB Australia for arranging and funding the placement.  KAPEG also wishes Brad and Diana all the best in the future and looks forward to a strong continued relationship with EWB Australia.