KAPEG Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

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The KAPEG LED Salt Lamp is an attractive, energy efficient, battery powered, rechargeable wooden lamp which is manufactured from local, sustainable materials.  This unique lamp is made in Nepal by local community members who have been trained in these new skills by KAPEG. It is mailnly designed  as night lamps for bedrooms. It is a cheap elegant and antique piece of decorative lamp for giving the bedrooms a classic touch.

18 month warranty provided by KAPEG

·         Built using local, fair labor, providing new skills to a local community

·         Each piece is unique – as the base is shaped for the particular piece of salt

·         Himalayan Rock Salt is a unique, attractive salt, coloured by minerals and millions of years old, sourced from villages in the Himalayas

·         Base is made from sustainably grown wood which is excess (wastage) at a local furniture factory and otherwise would have been discarded

·         White LEDs are very energy  efficient

·         Run time: Over 24 hours

·         Battery: 4.5 Volt, 0.5 Ah to 1Ah (depending on model)

·         Charger: 4.5 Volt, 0.5 Amp

·         Dimensions: Up to 18cm in height, 10cm x 10cm base (variations due to salt and wood)

·         Charge time from flat: 10 hours

If you would like to order one or more of these lamps, please fill out the order form here.

Excess Wood from Furniture Factory

As mentioned above, the wood used in these lamps is excess off-cuts from a local furniture factory nearby KAPEG.  These pieces of wood would otherwise have been discarded or chipped and burned to run boilers.  Using the off-cuts to build useful products is an innovative, job-generating idea that KAPEG is hoping will create a new local industry here in Dhulikhel. 
Off-cuts used in the construction of the LED Lamps
Workers at the furniture factory
 Piles of off-cuts / scrap wood at the furniture factory

Resellers / Hotels / Restaurants

If you are interested in adding these attractive lamps to your product lineup or would like to include these lamps as a part of the ambience of your establishment (eg hotels / restaurants / offices), please contact kapeg at kapeg@kapeg.com.np.  Volume discounts are available.
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