1 kW Wind Turbine System Construction and Performance Measurement Using Remote data monitoring system

1 kW Wind Turbine System Construction and Performance Measurement Using Remote Data Monitoring System

Project Supported by:
Renewable Nepal Programme

Kathmandu University: (DOEEE)

Wind energy is comparatively less mature in Nepal compared to other alternative energy technologies like micro-hydro, biogas and solar. Due to lack of successful demonstration, inadequacy in awareness level-technical capacity-R&D facility, the development of this renewable energy sector is comparatively very slow. KAPEG along with different organisations has taken initiative to develop a small wind turbine system and facilitate off-grid wind resourceful locations with energy access from wind.

The objectives of the project were to construct 1kW wind turbine system (Hugh Piggot 4.2m turbine designs) using locally available resources at Kathmandu. A 1kW turbine was constructed at KAPEG and later installed at location "Nagarkot".

The performance of the turbine was monitored using CR1000 (Campbell Scientific loggers) and sensors assembled at KAPEG lab. The data monitoring system stores the value of battery voltage, generator current, wind speed, wind direction and shaft speed in order to be able to plot power curve and efficiency curve.

With the amount of experiments and analysis undergone for each components (components constructed using local materials), the final version of the construction is tested to be a reliable and appropriate for windy areas of the Nepal. KAPEG intends to further the wind turbine works with the experience accumulated from this project to various wind potential locations across the country in the future.

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