The general issues of starting and operating an engineering business in Nepal are presented, together with explanation of the effects of the culture, economic and political situation. Practical solutions are discussed as well as the legal and administrative arrangements required to operate a business. The effects of the geographical location on the business are illustrated, together with the impact of a low technical base. These issues will be shown to form a basis of an opportunity for business and social cohesion. Staffing issues are drawn upon to show how a business can have a beneficial effect on the development process of an area. With little government direction of the economy or higher education, considerable efforts in staff training is required. Starting a technical business in a very low capital economy directs the business towards a high labor input with consequences for productivity and repeatable product quality. Consequently, low profit margins hinder capital investment, creating a barrier to feeding an export market with high quality goods. The present influx of low cost Chinese made goods into Nepal challenges companies towards specialized products and services.


A case study of a local engineering business is presented to illustrate the above points. Various solutions will be discussed, as well any final solution. Presently, the company has been relying on one off development contracts and a discussion will be presented as to how to broaden its financial base, so that it may provide a future for highly trained engineers in Nepal and contribute to the wealth and health of Nepal.


A short comparison between Australia and Nepal is presented to give a comparative overview of socio economic status of Nepal.

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