How to find GPS Coordinates

This page explains in more detail how to provide accurate GPS coordinates for a technical resource.

Method #1 - Google Maps

1. Go to and find the resource you wish to locate.  For example, if it is in Kathmandu, start by typing "Kathmandu, Nepal" in the search bar (see example below)
2. Manually zoom in to the EXACT location you wish to map.  The example below shows the map zoomed into the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu.  Once zoomed in, right click on the exact spot where the technical resource is located and select "Center map here" as seen below.
The Latitude and Longitude come after the "ll=" term in the above address -
The Latitude is: 27.714147,
The Longitude is: 85.314755
4. As a final check, paste the latitude,longitude (27.714147,85.314755) in the search box in Google Maps to double check you get the right location.

Method #2 - Using a GPS Receiver

Of course, another method to log the coordinates is to use a GPS receiver.  If you use this method, please confirm that the coordinates find the right location when entered in Google Maps. 
For example, the GPS might show the coordinates as "27°42.465' N, 85°18.688' E".  Google Maps would express these coordinates as "27.70775,85.31146".